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To make a dice roll, insert the code [roll]{Optional description} XdY+Z[/roll] into your post, where X is the number of dice, Y is their number of faces, and Z is any additional modifier. You can separate multiple rolls with a space. Note that the roll result which appears in a Preview is not the same as the one which appears in your post.
Full documentation here with complete function list

While there's a tamper-detection mechanism it's not perfect, and it's possible to cheat. To guarantee a legitimate result, the post must not have been edited. In any case, the description of the roll appears in bold italic. Roll results will never appear with this formatting; if they do then the poster is trying to fool you by putting a fake result in the description.

If your group needs to edit their posts a lot, you may find it easier to keep a separate thread for Dice Rolls.

Alternative (off-site) dice rollers:


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