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I would like to start an Alter Self discussion thread, and open the topic of 'things missing from the handbook'.

1.) Dragon forms for a Dragonwrought Kobold

tiny: bite 1d4, 2 claws 1d3
smll: bite 1d6, 2 claws 1d4
medium: bite 1d8, 2 claws 1d6, 2 wings 1d4

Black Dragon 4 HD, 3 NA, t, 60 ft, fly 100 ft (average), swim 60 ft, possible water breathing
Green Dragon 5 hd, 4 na, s, 40 ft, fly 100 ft (average), swim 40 ft, possible water breathing
White Dragon 3 hd, 2 na, t, 60 ft, burrow 30 ft, fly maxed at 120 ft (average), swim 60 feet, possible icewalking (spider climb on ice)
Brass Dragon 4 hd, 3 na, t, 60 ft, burrow 30 ft, fly maxed at 120 ft (average)
Copper Dragon, 5 hd, 4 na, t, 40 ft, fly 100 ft (average), possible spider climb on stone surfaces

(and non core dragons!)

2.) How about the Incarnum stuff? Do Rilkan get a +1 to knowledge checks when you Alter Self into them?  In fact, the entire Incarnum book seems to be missing!

Are you referring to 3.5 forms for Alter Self?  If so, I have a bit of a contribution.

Giant type forms:

Nuts, I can't find the list I made...  I'll reserve this post for it though.

Starting points are:

Eneko (0HD, Medium) (Secrets of Sarlona?  Or Xen'Drik)
Half-Giant (0HD, Medium) (XPH/SRD)
Half-Ogre (0HD, Large) (Races of Destiny)
Taer (2HD) (Unapproachable East)
Ogre (4HD, Large) (MM/SRD)
Merrow (4HD, Large) (MM/SRD)
Ogre Mage (5HD, Large) (MM/SRD)
Forest Troll (5HD, Medium) (MM3)


Minotaur could become a 5 headed hydra for huge size
Eneko is the best giant race
Elan -> Grell Battle Sorc souleaters would be vicious at -10 levels a full-round.
Ravid are great AC tanks for ye old reserves of strength, outsider elf caster. Spinagons also allow 120' flight.

I found an interesting form from Dragon Magazine 352. Garuda, a humanoids flying form with 2 na, 40' average fly, +8 to spot in the day while flying, two 1d4 claws, and arguably an interesting ex special attack when making dive bomb style ranged attacks.

Don't have any forms to add to the thread off the top of my head, unless you want some really obscure psionic monsters or races, so I'll just post here for the updates. =D

Can we get a confirmation regarding the link that was provided by JitG to the handbook we are discussing, Gavinfoxx?


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