Author Topic: Just another Min/Max Boards Newb :D  (Read 260 times)

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Just another Min/Max Boards Newb :D
« on: June 26, 2024, 10:13:13 AM »
Greetings and good morrow folks!

While I am new to Min/Max Boards and Min/Maxing, if I am being honest, I am -=not=- new to RPG!  I started playing RPGs in 1980 with RuneQuest.  Back then it was tough to convince a lot of guys that girls could even roleplay *g* but I found an enlightened group.

Since then I have played and DMd several different games.  RuneQuest, D&D (2nd ed to 3.5), Pathfinder 1e (my personal favourite system), TMNT, Robotech, Amber, Homebrew Highlander (Hitler was an immortal in that game!) being the most recognizable.  I am currently in a tabletop game we have played since 2016 (with an almost 2 year break because of Covid).

I do confess I joined the boards here to help create as min/max a character as possible for my tabletop game.  We have decided to retire our Level 16 Gestalt/Mythic team and start fresh.  Mostly because they have SO many quests/story line foci that we are more than a little inundated...and I think the DM is overwhelmed too.  I think it will be a great new adventure, but I am not the sort to Min/Max.  I like to play fun, quirky characters but this group needs me to pull up the bootstraps :)

Thank you for 'listening' and letting me join the party.