Author Topic: Errata Complaints  (Read 27493 times)

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Re: Errata Complaints
« Reply #20 on: August 15, 2020, 04:49:44 PM »
Salamander Charge should be errataed so that the wall of fire you create does not damage you, at the very least not on the round following the one in which you initiate the maneuver. Since the wall fills every space along your path, it includes the space you end your charge in (and even if it didn't, it damage creatures adjacent to the wall as well), so with the full-round initiation action, you can't move away from the wall after creating it.

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Re: Errata Complaints
« Reply #21 on: January 11, 2021, 09:41:03 AM »
Noticed that the ToB errata does not deal with the Eventide's Edge table error. Specifically levels 16 and 18 grant the same ability.