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You Break it You Buy it / Willing Sacrifice: Worth the investment?
« on: September 30, 2014, 09:54:37 PM »
I had a more extensive post written up, but I was AFK for a little bit and I lost the post when I tried to log in. Anyway, as the title asks, if I were to invest in boosting the  damage of Willing Sacrifice (Deal 1d10 vs. Willing Evil Creature, Gain 1/2 Damage as an expendable Profane Bonus) would the possible bonus be worth it? I thought of using Chain Spell, if that didn't create separate "instances" and allowed me to compound the damage dealt.

Then use it in say... a Knowledge [Religion] check for a sacrifice as per BoVD, and attain a ton of XP to blow on spells that demand it? 

Things that come to mind immediately are:

- [Empower Spell]
- [Enervate Spell]
- [Maximize]
- [Heighten]
- [Black Lore of Moil]
- [Blistering Spell]

In conjunction with a pumped up CL, maybe 80th for a bit of fun, I came up with (1d10 + 9d6 + 28) for the roll, so 92 is the upper limit. The result would be (96) + (79 x 48) for the total damage dealt, and the equation for the bonus generated would be (104) + (52 x 20) for an upper limit of a +1944 Profane bonus to spread over 80/rnds or blow it on one go like that Kn:[Religion] for Dark XP (DC x 3).

Any thoughts?

Edit: Spellin'

Introduce Yourself / Introducing...
« on: September 30, 2014, 08:31:26 PM »
... the one and only NecroticSpellWeaver! I've been playing DnD for about a decade now, and I also LARP but that is much more seasonal and I don't get to be a Necromancer... which I tend to play. Dread Necromancer has been my favourite class to play for 3.5 and I've made a couple forays into Pathfinder with a recent one being a gestalt with a Ratkin Alchemist//Chemist. If I had any complaints about the Dread Necro, it would be that it doesn't have Move Silently as a class skill.

If I could justify it in a Pathfinder conversion... that'd be lovely! Anyhoo, hopefully I get to know y'all and perhaps play a few PtP if that's has any interest!

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