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Homebrew and House Rules (D&D) / Hive Master PRC
« on: November 21, 2017, 03:29:51 PM »
The Hive Master

"A figure stood behind Yan. Her costume was barely recognizable—she wore a short cape of tattered black cloth over her body armor, a skintight black suit beneath that, and there were folds of black cloth draped around her legs like a dress or a robe. The entire fabric seemed to ripple and move. It took Sierra a second to realize it was crawling with a carpet of insects.

The disconcerting part was the girl's face, or lack thereof. Her expression was masked behind a shifting mass of bugs that moved in and out of her hairline. Sierra couldn't even tell where the bugs ended and the scalp began, as the small black bodies crawled into and onto the black curls. There was a hint of something like glass where Skitter's eyes were, but the bugs ventured far enough over her eyelids and around the frames that nothing was visible in the way of goggles, glasses, or skin."

-Worm, Interlude 14.

Entry Requirements:
Skills: Knowledge(Nature) 13 ranks, Survival 8 ranks, Diplomacy 4 ranks
Spellcasting/Manifesting/Other: Must have a spell, power or other ability able to create or control a swarm of Vermin, such as the Druid spell Insect Plague or using the Improved Familiar feat to have a Swarm of Spiders as a familiar.

Class Skills
The Hive Master's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are
Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

Hit Dice: d6

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Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A Hive Master gains Light Armor Proficiency if they did not already have it, as well as proficiency with the quarterstaff and club if they do not already have it.

Class Features: The following are all class features of the Hive Master:

Ten Thousand Sparks of Life (Su): At first level, a Hive Master gains the ability to control a number of Vermin, defined by the total HD of the Swarm formed by them. They may control two and two-thirds Hit Dice worth of Vermin Swarm per Hive Master level without penalty. However, for every Hit Die beyond this, they take a -1 Insight penalty to their Will and Reflex saves and a -2 Insight penalty to Intelligence and Wisdom based skill checks. If the penalty to Will saves is larger than their base Will save bonus granted by class levels and other Hit Dice, or their penalty to Intelligence skills is larger than their ranks in Knowledge(Nature) plus their Intelligence modifier, they are overwhelmed by the psychic feedback and are rendered Unconscious for 1d4 hours. Even with this increased strain, they may not exceed six Hit Dice of controlled Vermin Swarms per Hive Master level.

Gaining control of a swarm of Vermin that already exists will require the swarm to fail a Will save with a DC of 10+Hive Master level+Charisma modifier. This control effect may be applied to spells, powers and other abilities that create Vermin swarms temporarily to double the duration, even if an effect like the Extend Spell feat has already been applied.

Ten Thousand Points of Sight (Su): At second level, a Hive Master grows more familiar with the feedback of their telepathic control, beginning to understand the senses of the diminutive creatures they command. As a result, they may use the combined Spot and Listen check bonuses of their Swarms instead of their own, so long as all the swarms used in this way can see and/or hear what the check attempts to notice. Additionally, the line of sight of their swarms counts as their own.

Ten Thousand Motes of Power (Su): At third level, a Hive Master begins to develop powers from their swarm itself, cultivating powers from the many minute specks the creatures they command have to generate useful energies to shape. For every four HD of Swarm they control, the Hive Master may select one option from the following list:
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These options must be selected at the start of each day to the maximum of what the Hive Master can control, and may not make their effective level for any given parameter exceed their character level.

Ten Thousand Touches of Thought (Su): Starting at 4th level, a Hive Master's connection with their swarms grows to such an extent they can think through their Swarm, gaining a +1 Insight bonus to Intelligence and Wisdom per two HD of Swarm they control. Additionally, the penalty to Reflex saves and skill checks from Ten Thousand Sparks of Life is reduced by one for every two HD of Swarm controlled that would normally bring penalties for control.

Ten Thousand Fragments of Skill (Su): Starting at 5th level, a Hive Master learns to house complex skills in their telepathic network, allowing their Swarms to perform actions normally taking extensive training and immense talent to do. They may select a feat they qualify for for every 3 HD of Swarms they control. The benefits of these feats are applied to all of the Swarms they control, rather than themselves, and the feats selected may be changed at the start of each day.

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Silverblood Night

To those who hunt the beasts in the dark, the ability to use their own blood as a tool against the creatures that hunger for it is both valuable and amusing. The users of Silverblood Night maneuvers treat blood as but fuel for their fights, draining themselves and their enemies to maim and burn, using exotic concoctions to make their vital humors into valuable alchemical reagents in their own right. A fight against a user of these Maneuvers often involves rarely-seen compact weapons powered by lever and pully or explosive powders and hardened shot, often replacing the projectiles by drawing and reshaping fluids from their veins. Up close, matters tend towards being more grotesque, with the namesake specialty of turning ones' blood into silver being used to form conduits by which the hunter can take on a seeming of the hunted, draining life from those they strike alongside whatever alchemical effects they desire.

The key skill for the Silverblood Night discipline is Craft (Alchemy). The weapons of the typical form of Silverblood Night are the Hand Crossbow, Pistol, Dagger and Rapier

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1st level
Adrenal Coagulation: Stance. Grants delayed damage pool and restores health on melee attacks.

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Burnsilver Forging: Boost. Create ammo or Thrown weapon that deals bonus Fire damage at cost of health.

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2nd level
Hardsilver Quickshot: Strike. Instantly make attack with a ranged weapon with bonus Piercing damage at the cost of health.

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3rd level
Marrowblade: Boost. Increases damage and reach and makes attacks heal, at cost of attacking self.

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4th level
Burnsilver Quickshot: Strike. Instantly make attack with a ranged weapon with bonus Fire damage at the cost of health and taking Fire damage.

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5th level

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6th level
Caustic Runoff: Boost. Adds Acid and Constitution damage to melee attacks and Maneuvers at the cost of taking Acid damage.

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7th level

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8th level

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9th level

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Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Crysmal(WIP)[PEACH]
« on: July 22, 2017, 09:35:34 PM »

Hit Dice: d8

Class Skills: Appraise(Int), Balance(Dex), Climb(Str) Concentration(Con), Craft(Int), Jump(Str), Knowledge(Geology, The Planes, Psionics; Int), Listen(Wis), Profession(Wis), Search(Int), Spot(Wis)

Skill Points: 4+Int per level(x4 at 1st level)

LevelBABFortRefWillSpecialPP/DayPowers KnownMaximum Power Level
1+0+0+0+2Crysmal Body, Clumsy---
2+1+0+0+3Sting Power, +1 Con, +1 Str011st
3+2+1+1+3Crysmal Growth, Caustic Psionics, +1 Con121st
4+3+1+1+4Energy Resistance, +1 Con, +1 Str331st
5+3+1+1+4Crysmal Growth, Toxic Psionics, +1 Con542nd

Class Features:

Proficiencies: A Crysmal is proficient with only it's Sting Natural Attack.

Crysmal Body: Crysmals are innately Psionic, crystaline, Tiny-sized Earth Elementals. The hardness of their bodies gives them 1+Con modifier NA, as well as DR equal to their total HD that is bypassed by Bludgeoning damage, due to their bodies being hard, but quite brittle. They gain a +2 racial bonus to Constitution and Charisma, for their hard bodies and innate mental power, and a -2 penalty to Intelligence, due to being significantly more instinctive and emotional than the average humanoid, and they also have a single Sting primary natural attack that counts as a Claw attack for Psionic powers that would effect natural weapons, dealing 1d2 damage at their initial Tiny size. Crysmals have no Hand or Feet item slots, but have two Neck slots and four Psychoactive Skin slots, though they retain the restriction of one active psychoactive skin at any moment.

Additionally, they have a Burrow speed of 5 ft. per HD, with a maximum of their land movement speed, which is 30 ft. by default, know Terran as a default language and cannot speak, though they do possess Telepathy with a range of 40 ft. As Elementals, they also gain the following traits, but not other Elemental traits:

-Darkvision out to 60 ft.
-Cannot be raised from death, except for effects such as Wish, Limited Wish, Miracle and True Resurrection
-Immunity to Disease and Poison
-Do not eat, sleep or breath

These traits override any previously existing racial traits a character may have, unless their racial traits are defined by a class feature like this one, in which case they may choose to use the racial traits offered by that feature instead of those offered by this feature.

Clumsy: Young Crysmals, having not yet learned what amounts to fine motor skills among their kind, lack some of the advantages of their size. Until they reach three total HD, a Crysmal's attack, AC and Hide size bonuses are treated as if it were one size larger, including if their size changes. So if they are Enlarged to Small size, they have the size modifiers for AC, attack rolls and Hide of a Medium creature, while if they are Reduced to Diminutive size, they have the modifiers of a Tiny creature.

Ability Score modifiers: As levels in Crysmal are taken, the ability scores of a Crysmal character change. These increases are to the base score, and as such qualify the Crysmal for feats according to these increases.

As they level, their ability scores further improve over their racial modifiers, increasing their Constitution by one each level and their Strength by one at levels 2 and 4.

Psionic Manifesting: Being inherently Psionic, Crysmals are able to manifest powers as a Psychic Warrior of one level less than their levels in Crysmal, except they add the following powers to their list of learnable powers:
1st level: Energy Ray, Control Object
2nd level: Energy Missile
3rd level: Energy Cone
4th level: Energy Ball
5th level: Energy Current
6th level: Psionic Disintegrate

Taking levels in Psychic Warrior increases this Manifesting as if they were levels in Crysmal, rather than granting normal Psionic Warrior manifesting. While this Manifesting is listed on the class table, progression beyond the table continues to use Psionic Warrior manifesting with the changes listed above.

Sting Power (Ps): When using their Sting natural attack in a Full Attack, a Crysmal of 2nd level or higher can Manifest a power with a Manifesting time of one Standard action or less that deals damage as part of the same action as the attack, targeting or centered on the same target as the Sting attack. The power's DC uses the Crysmal's Strength instead of Charisma, if higher, or Dex if it is higher than both and they have the Weapon Finesse feat. Additionally, the base cost and cost to augment are reduced by 1 PP, with a minimum cost to manifest or augment of one power point.

If a feat, power, item or other ability that would expend Psionic Focus is used during a Full Attack using their Sting Natural Attack or to manifest a power used with this feature during said attack, the Crysmal may make a Concentration check as if attempting to regain Psionic focus. If the check succeeds, their Psionic Focus is not expended.

Crysmal Growth (Ex): At 3rd and 5th level, a Crysmal's increasing psionic and elemental strength increase it's might. They may select an option from the following list:
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Caustic Psionics: Any power that allows the choice of an energy damage type with additional effects based on type chosen, such as Energy Missile or Energy Cone, adds the following option:
Acid: A power of this energy type becomes a Metacrativity power instead of a Psychokinesis power, uses a Fortitude save instead of a Reflex save, deals -1 damage per die and Sickens on a failed save.

Energy Resistance: At 4th level, the Crysmal's elemental and psionic nature offers it resistance to other elementally associated forces. It gains Energy Resistance to Fire and Cold equal to twice times it's hit dice and to Electricity equal to it's HD.

Toxic Psionics: Any power that allows the choice of an energy type with additional effects based on type chosen, such as Energy Missile or Energy Cone, adds the following option:
Poison:  A power of this energy type becomes a Metacrativity power instead of a Psychokinesis power and deals 1 Constitution, Dexterity, or Strength damage, chosen upon manifesting, per die of damage it would normally deal, with a successful Fortitude saving throw negating this damage instead of the power's normal passed save effect.


Comments? Toxic Psionics is probably severely overkill, even with the two saves. Sting Power, itself, is basically certainly broken by doubling 2 PP augmentations. Fortunately, all the Kinetisist powers measure damage at 1 PP per die with saves being boosted every other die, so that's not a problem.

Really, a bunch of the stuff on this just looks overpowered. In the sense of it seems overpowered to me, but I'm not sure about it, because it doesn't seem to be actually able to just end encounters.

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Introduce Yourself / I suppose I'll answer the questions
« on: July 18, 2017, 08:15:06 PM »
Okay, let's start with going down the list of suggested things and see what stands out...

-Your name
...Not sure what is meant by this, but I'll assume it's about username. Because suggesting the release of personal information is... crazy. And kinda redundant. I decided to use this

-Your favorite games
Starcraft 2, Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Fallout 4. When it comes to Starcraft, it's mostly about the arcade, because that be whack, yo.

-Your non gaming hobbies
Reading and watching YouTube. Fanficition, news articles, published books(mostly Black Library due to having 7 omnibuses to reread endlessly) and, of course, internet forums. Sufficient Velocity, Spacebattles and Giant in the Playground are the main forums I go to. As for YouTube, it's my main news source and I watch a lot of game-related theory videos. Proudly among those disappointed at the lack of hints about actual Pokemon reboot news, and saw it coming due to just how deep the theory dug.

-Where you live, including country, without using abbreviations
Jackson, Michigan, United States of America, North America, Earth. I could rattle off zip-code, but that'd be dangerously specific. Even though this town has five different zip codes...

-What other communities you belong to meetups, message boards etc
Communities? With meetups? I... don't really do that sort of thing. I've become introverted just out of inertia of isolation...

-Your twitter, facebook or G+ handle
...the only one of these I might have is a G+ handle. I mean, I have a facebook account, but I've never really used it. I haven't so much as logged into it in... 5 years? I don't have a Twitter account at all, and while I haven't signed up for G+, I do use my Gmail account sometimes. My Yahoo account is literally my name, followed by, which is why I will never share it.

Also, I suddenly got locked out of posting after making a post in the Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes subforum... Is that normal? Like, is it a requirement to make a thread here and get approved for general posting? Seems a bit overkill for anti-spam... And weirdly, one of the anti-spam measures isn't present in the new threads thing. Is that a limitation of the service provider?

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