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Pathfinder challenge: Obelisk
« on: November 22, 2015, 02:06:41 AM »
First post so I apologize if I'm in the wrong place or if I'm doubling up on anything. I'm pondering a game with friends and I would like to see what folks here think. So here goes...

You have been summoned as a great mind of the min/max boards to take on a rather unusual task. There is a plane containing only an obelisk which reaches infinitely into the forever raining skies of the realm in which it exists. When you step into the realm you enter only as a consciousness. Before you lies a clay from which you may craft your body.

Using only pathfinder books, you may create any character you wish under the following guidelines...

1. It must be a race belonging to or of similar power to those in the core rulebook. You may create and optimize your own race per the advanced race guide as long as it does not unreasonably exceed the races found in the core book.

2. We are beginning at level one of any class. You will be provided with the maximum possible starting gold for your class. This gold can be used to purchase any items found in the pathfinder books either mundane or magical.

3. The only thing you know about the tower is that each level provides a different challenge, and that once completed that level will remain clear for the duration of the campaign. Once a level is completed your are provided with the same benefits you would receive with a full 8 hours rest and recovery. You know the first level will test your basic combat abilities, but the potential for traps, puzzles, and all sorts of other challenges.

4. Let's do a 20 point buy, max hp at lvl 1.

So, what would you bring? I'm curious as to the highest combat stats one can pull, the tricks and quirks of our caster overlords, etc. You may leave and re-enter a floor, but it will reset upon reentry. This can be used to scout ahead. There would be some restrictions but for now I'm just curious to see what limits can be pushed with the set limitations.

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Re: Pathfinder challenge: Obelisk
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2015, 04:10:12 PM »
There is some Level 1 specific c.o.-ing around here
but not exclusively for PF.  You could "noodle" your DM
by making him read aloud the PF BAB rule in it's SRD.
That rule specifically reference the 3.5e BAB in the  SRD.

PoDunk was the most restrictive :

In the handbooks section, there's a Low Level Builds thread
and some links to various PF Guides.

Fun Finds PF 1 + 2 are linked on the Fun Finds 7 first post.

PF's Custom Races can be quite powerful to bonkers.
There was a short discussion of that around here (idk somewhere).

Max gold would barely make a difference, except that you're
going with a Full Boogie Magic Mart.  That's pure Ka-Boom.
The Bunko's Bargain thread gives an idea of what available for 3.5.

So yeah, Magic Mart and Custom Races, is potentially in the T.O. realm.

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Re: Pathfinder challenge: Obelisk
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2015, 06:16:58 PM »
Past what aDMg said... eh, probably just be a Summoner for the beginning and then spend a couple weeks retraining into a Wizard at higher levels, I guess. Summoner's super strong early game because of the bonus summons (and even more so if you use the Master Summoner archetype) and companion, for abusing the action economy.

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Re: Pathfinder challenge: Obelisk
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2015, 02:05:58 PM »
A few questions:
1) By "completed", does that mean slaying every monster there, or just reaching the exit to the next floor?  What about monsters who surrender, or are, say, thrown out a window but survive?
2) Do the characters level up?  Ie. is this a "best 1st level character" challenge, or a "best character that's good from 1st level onwards" challenge?
3) Will the tower have loot?  How much?
4) Is there anything outside the tower?  Towns, other people, plants/animals to eat?
5) When you say "on par with CRB races" do you mean in terms of RP (easily possible to make something crazy-good with the same RP budget as an Elf), or in actual effectiveness.