Author Topic: Non-Evil, Non-Leadership Massive Stat Cheese  (Read 2158 times)


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Non-Evil, Non-Leadership Massive Stat Cheese
« on: January 02, 2018, 06:27:25 PM »
(Posted from Min/Max 3.x as directed by TC X0 Lt 0X)

Greetings there, I've been making a Level 15 character for a Cheese Happy Game, and honestly, so far it's been pretty fun. I've used the 'True Dilettante' to give my self a solid 90 feats to play around with, as well as a merging off Porn, the Steel Dragon and the Omnielemental for a powerful, crafting and spellcasting build, augmented with Nanobot-powered Node Spellcasting for very high Caster Levels! Heck, I'm also willing to use Festering Anger Lad to give myself a significant Strength boost! See my current build here

Unfortunately... whilst in other games, I would be a very powerful force. In this game? I am weak. Very, very weak. Hence why I have turned to the Min/Max forums for aid in my quest to upgrade my character. But as the title says, there's a catch.

I don't want to use evil methods, such as consuming thousands of other beings using an Illithid Savant. Nor do I want to murder hundreds of innocents with Consumptive Field to ramp up my Caster Level to insane levels. Nor do I want to use Leadership/Thrallherd Shenanigans to have ridiculously powered allies and use them to make myself strong. My character is a very independant character all things considered. Hence, under the limits of the rules posted at the start of the thread is there any way to start buffing up my character's stats and/or Caster Level in order to be at least semi-competitive?

Rules of Note
1. The Level/HD Limit of 15 is a hard limit. I am not allowed to permanently have more than 15 HD/Levels at the start of the game.
2. Gold Available is WBL: 200,000gp. Whilst it has been said that you can use Wish Abuse to defeat this WBL, it is very highly suggested that you don't do so.
3. Experience costs for pretty much everything is a non-issue using the Level-Drain/Restoration trick as explain at the bottom of this post
4. I have a Demiplane with every single non-evil metamagic automatically applied to my spells cast there, and it has a 1:5259600 Time Raitio, and I can spend a total of 115 Martial Plane Days inside off it.
5. I don't have access to River's Ravages, but my DM ruled that Bestow Curse, Greater Bestow Curse, and Miracle/Wish replication of those spells stack. Allowing me to jump from Wyrmling to Ancient Dragon.
6. Epic Feats are available as an Ancient Dragon, I can have 8 Epic Feats at any one time.
7. Via a self-simulacrum, and casting Dragonblood Spell-Pact on each other, I have permanent access to any and all non-druid 6th level spells or lower, and as an Ancient Dragon, I have access to any and all non-druid spells.
8. The Class build is non-negotiable, but feats, items and spells are.
9. The Homebrew Cunning Artiface allows me to indefinitely reuse scrolls, staffs, wands etc. However, I can only use this feat once per hour.

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Re: Non-Evil, Non-Leadership Massive Stat Cheese
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2018, 12:05:57 AM »
So does the boards allow anonymous posts now? If so, that's cool aside from spambots. The "guest" title was what caught my eye.

My question is, how does your DM intend on challenging your party (without instant TPKing, atleast)? Just your action economy alone, would make 1 round of combat a nightmare.