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Teamwork Sneak Attack
« on: March 25, 2022, 11:44:36 AM »
1. Can teamwork SA be used with ambush feats or other SA riders to pass these benefits along to a group gank? Also things like the craven feat or spellthief steal spell...
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2. Similarly, can lurk augment additional sneak attack be used raise the dice of teamwork SA?

Basically, I'm being strong-armed into dealing with dungeons mechanically and I want to use nightsong infiltrator to drag the rest of the group into my wheelhouse. I feel there will be at least one bored player while I do my thing otherwise.

Was thinking to go lurk 16/nightsong infiltrator 4 or spellthief 9/Bloodline 3/Uncanny Trickster 3/Legacy Champion 4/Nightsong Infiltrator 1 for some group ganking.
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