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Lucky Bear Shirt
« on: September 23, 2022, 05:00:24 PM »
Heppinnberserkr - Is that even the right conjugation? A little norse, please.

   I’ve long had an affection for Action Points but getting around the limits(per round, per level) can be quite frustrating. Unfettered Heroism can certainly bypass the limits but just doesn’t gift you enough AP to be meaningful by itself. Additionally, being a mid-level spell it awaits no (ab)use before ECL7.
   So I turned my sights on Raging Luck and stumbled around for a long time trying to make it cost effective. So I looked at rage stacking for a long time before I found this combo that works best for a barbarian dip. So put on your...

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Bear Totem Barbarian + Berserker Strength(ACF) + Involuntary Rage(F) + Raging Luck(F) = 2 AP = class feature
   So roll out of bed and sap yourself for massive (nonlethal)damage and survive multiple times for unlimited usage of a limited set of class features; or grab...

Instantaneous Rage (CW): Berserk for a roll, and let it subside, plus it activates Involuntary Rage without risk. Total anger management. Debatably allows for free action casting of Rage spells.

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   In the end this combo works best in replacement of firre eladrins, nightsticks, or divine minions in fueling feats dependent on class features. Being very dense in usage of feats I found it particularly effective in E6 games but in higher level play one shouldn’t shy from Dark Chaos Shuffle. Next lets take a look at the classes this works best for in fast start order.

Cleric – Exchange your domains for feats that you fuel with turn undead supplied by your lucky bear shirt. Later, divine feats and Smite as an ACF. Give Retrieve Spell some consideration along with Charisma becoming another dump stat. Key Spells: Substitute Domain, Visage of the Deity

Bard – Bardic music feats = LYRIC SPELL. Key Spells: Heroics, Mirror Move, Protege, Rage, Unfettered Heroism, Unicorn Heart, Unicorn Horn

Shaman – Same as cleric, except later Stunning Fist as a bonus feat.

Paladin – Smite and bardic music as an ACF. Later, divine and domain feats.

Druid – Wildshape and Rage as an ACF. Wolverine’s Rage and other wild feats become a little more useful. Key Spells: Bone Talisman, Unicorn Heart, Unicorn Horn,  Wolfskin.

Factotum – Divine feats and Greater Rage as a capstone. Key Spells: Heroics, Mirror Move, Rage, Unfettered Heroism, Unicorn Heart, Unicorn Horn.

Monk – Stunning Fist is a feat, not a class feature! So yeah…

Artificer – Can’t use berserk to quicken an infusion, but Spell Storing Item of Bone Talisman, Heroism, Mirror Move, Protege, Rage, Substitute Domain, or Wolfskin.

Honorable Mention: Crusader, Favored Soul, Ranger, Samurai, Sohei, Sorcerer, Soulborn, Spirit Shaman, Wizard.
   These classes are mostly more of the same but especially the ranger gain a lot of notable abilities through ACF(wildshape undead hunter).

   Little Helpers

Unholy Fury (EoE): Smite once per rage to add charisma to attack. Mostly for charisma addicts.
Bear Totem (UA): Free toughness to qualify for Involuntary Rage.

Ettercap Berserker (UE): Better constitution for saves and guarantees you to drop out of berserk. Also helps attain prerequisite constitution for Involuntary Rage.

Mad Foam Rager (PHB2): Permanently sequester one effect at the cost of your immediate(swift) actions with berserker strength.
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