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So, I've found a neat way to use the Eternal Potion discovery with spells above 3rd level and as a Wizard to boot.

This requires a complete build:
  • Get 19 levels, going Alchemist 4 / Wizard 1 / Brewkeeper 1 (advancing Wizard) / Thuvian Alchemist 3 (advancing Wizard) / Evangelist 10 (advancing Thuvian Alchemist)
  • Make sure to get Favored Prestige Class (Brewkeeper) and Prestigious Spellcaster to cover the dead level in Brewkeeper and the Esoteric Training guild boon from Inner Sea Magic (pg 22) to give yourself +3 caster levels (up to a limit of your HD), including spellcasting progression, to your Wizard. Now you get 9th level spells at level 19.
  • Get the Extend Potion discovery for the prereq using your alchemist or Thuvian Alchemist levels and at level 19 take the Extra Discovery feat and get the Eternal Potion alchemist discovery, since you now have an effective alchemist level of 16 through the combination of Alchemist levels and Thuvian Alchemist levels.
  • Create a draught of  using Brewkeeper 1's Distilled Spells ability. Note that only Alchemist extracts function as if enhanced by the Infusion discovery. Spellcasting converted into a draught does not carry this mechanic and instead requires you to be able to make a potion or oil of that spell otherwise if it didn't have the level limit and explicitly "functions as a potion or oil." This allows us to use our draught with the Eternal Potion discovery for a permanent duration spellcast.
  • Drink the draught and apply the Eternal Potion discovery.
Yep, permanent duration spells.

I'd recommend the Mindchemist archetype for the Alchemist. As for your 20th level after this, I recommend you take Loremaster and use your monster int bonus at this point to immediately unlock a bonus feat for the monstrously powerful Secret of Magical Discipline feat. If you are playing a Half-Elf you can also Paragon Surge for an extra Secret of Magical Discipline use. At that stage, at level 20, you would have permanent Time Stop (or permanent duration anything else if you prefer) and able to cast all the spells in the game (except Fey Boon or Fey Blight, which have no spell level). So your lvl20 build should be looking like this: Mindchemist Alchemist 4 / Wizard 1 / Brewkeeper 1 / Thuvian Alchemist 3 / Evangelist 10 / Loremaster 1

It's also possible to just be a straight lvl16 Alchemist and have someone else with the Brewkeeper prestige class (like a cohort through the Leadership feat) give you a draught of whatever you want, but I'm trying to do it all in 1 character here. You can also forgo Evangelist and just be Alchemist 6 / Wizard 1 / Thuvian Alchemist 10 / Brewkeeper 1 but you only get 9th level spells at level 20 assuming you have Esoteric Training and Prestigious Spellcaster (which you get ahead of time). But this route does give you Loremaster 1 at level 19 which lets you get both the bonus feat secret and a regular feat giving you 2x Secret of Magical Discipline and you can still dip another PrC at level 20 (probably Cyphermage 1 for Insightful Scroll using a Corset of Delicate Moves). This variation is better at level 20 but doesn't have 9th level spells at level 19 so take your pick.
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