Author Topic: Soul of the Waste = A new form of pseudo-immortality?  (Read 1068 times)

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Soul of the Waste = A new form of pseudo-immortality?
« on: February 06, 2023, 09:27:45 AM »
Soul of the Waste (Sandstorm) is WEIRD.
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Ok, so first up, is this thing making sand out of nothing or merging with existing sand?
You meld your body and possessions into an accumulation of sand, dust, ash, or even loose earth.
The area must be large enough to accommodate your body in all three dimensions.
When the casting is complete, you and not more than 100 pounds of nonliving gear merge with the sand.
I assume this is existing sand, because it doesn't specify that it's conjured up...which means shapesand is on the table!
Shapesand is a special kind of wasteland soil that is psychoreactive; it can be sculpted into any form according to your will. The new object is made of sand, but serves as a normal item of the same sort. A shapesand hammer functions just like an ordinary hammer, and a shapesand waterskin is just as watertight as an ordinary skin.
Controlling shapesand is an exercise in willpower. A DC 16 Wisdom check establishes control of a volume of sand based on the shaper's Wisdom score (table)
20 wisdom gets you control of a 10ft cube of the stuff, which is plenty.
Then there's this line:
Since the substance you inhabit is an accumulation of many particles, it is difficult to damage the material (and you).
followed immediately by some examples of specific situations in which you DO take damage. This heavily implies you are immune to damage from anything that doesn't destroy the sand, otherwise this line would do nothing at all.

Anyway, I'm gonna persist this and use blindsight for vision. Also, unlike wildshape, your melded gear isn't explicitly disabled.