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New Weapons, Drugs, Rules, and Items
« on: August 29, 2012, 03:57:42 PM »
Some rules work differently in Trial of Souls.

Buckler: +1 AC, used as normal
Light Shield: +2 AC, used as normal
Heavy Shield: +4 AC, used as normal, except you can use a move action to get ordinary cover (not total)
Tower Shield: +6 AC, used as normal, but no penalty to attack rolls
All shields provide their bonus to touch AC, period, because you can stop the "full-on touching" needed for the effect to connect.

If a character rolls a critical against a common enemy, then confirms with a natural roll within the weapon's normal crit-range, the player may roll again. If the thrid roll confirms the secondary critical threat, the enemy dies instantly.

If the character confirms the secondary critical with a tertiary critical, the target dies instantly; in addition, enemies nearby also take damage from the weapon.
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Re: New Weapons, Drugs, Rules, and Items
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2012, 04:39:09 PM »

Brenhandle the Flamberge
+2 Greatsword. When it strikes blow bringing creature to 0 or less hp, they die instantly. There is 50% chance that the curves of the blade will resonate with the soul and amplify its energy, effectively granting an two identical souls from the kill instead of just one.

Blade of Doors
+2 scimitar  with the symbol of a key cast above the hilt. 1/day cast knock, arcane lock at will

Ehlonna's Standard
+1 cold iron winged spear with green triangular unicorn standard dangling from a chain. When plunged into the ground as a move action, grants produces a Bless effect, except that the bonus increases by +1 for every 4 HD of the creature that planted it

Mask of Dormin
Face Slot
This thick mithral helm is lighter than it looks. It is smooth and featureless with a mirror shine and no eye holes.
When this Mask of Dormin is worn, the user is blind. All they can see is the faintly glowing Draconic lettering etched on the inner surface. However, they can alter the settings as a swift action between one of several modes granting extraordinary senses (which are perceived normally despite the Mask). During use of the mask, the user has blindsense, detecting grey blurry shapes, up to 30 ft in addition to any other vision mode offered on a particular setting. The caster level for any spells listed is the wearer's HD and the DC is 12+spell level.

-Deathwatch: While in this setting, you can see as though under the affect of the Deathwatch spell.

-Blindsight: Unlike in the other settings, you can detect the 30 ft around you clearly with blinsight instead of blindsense, and opponents no longer benefit from the miss chance blindsense normally allows. The user still cannot see color.

-Magic Sense: The user is affected as though by a Detect Magic.

-Discern Lies: The user is affected by the Discern Lies spell while in this setting

-Murder Sight: While in this mode, the user's blindsense is dramatically altered. They are affected as though under the effects of a Hunter's Eye and Golem Strike spell, but they can only see moving creatures. All other things, including debris, bushes, unstable terrain, and even walls, are seen only as indecipherable blurs. The wearer may inadvertently stumble into these obstacles if not previously made aware, and additionally takes a -8 penalty on balance checks, tumble checks, jump checks, swim checks, opposing trip attempts, and opposing bull rushes. Attempting a full-round run action requires a balance check DC 18 to avoid falling prone immediately.

Stone Waster
Enormous stone blade that trip attempts all creatures struck by it automatically due to its immensity

Kynok's Iron Hand
Hand Slot
This rusted iron armband is engraved with the stylized words KYNOK'S IRON HAND.
When place on an arm, all flesh  of the arm below the band becomes grey and rippling with muscles, coated in thick metallic plates. The arm lengthens and becomes one size category larger with three wicked talons (normal claw damage for claw's effective size category).

The wearer has a strength score of 6 higher with all uses of the iron hand, but not with any other body part. The iron hand cannot be used for any task requiring finesse, imposing a -6 penalty on the use of all such skill checks and making the use of the Weapon Finesse feat impossible. When the hand is used only to grapple in a round (no attacks, etc.), the wearer is considered one size category larger for the purpose of grapple checks. The iron hand can only wield weapons one size category larger than the wearer, but can be used as the "off-hand" for two-handed weapons of the wearer's size.

As a swift action, the iron hand's talons can be plunged into a wall within reach, causing the wearer to stick to the surface as though a successful climb check had been made to stay in place. The iron hand cannot be used while doing this, but the talons may be removed as a free action. The wearer can slowly climb otherwise unclimbable surfaces by plunging the talons into a wall as a swift action, then removing the claw as a free action on the next turn and plunging the claws into the wall again in a square within reach as a swift action, moving the wearer to that spot on the wall.

Jorgoth's Magnificent Cloak
grants +4 to one mental stat (swift action to change which one), and remains active during wildshape

Olidamarra, Chaos Blade
holding the blade sends waves of chaos flooding into the head. Will DC 23 or begin stabbing self as full attack for 1d4+1 rounds. Once that is over, can be picked up and wielded like normal +1 blurring rapier or shortsword (changes shape spontaneously in hand as free action depending on preference of wielder). Has the property of alchemical silver. On critical hit, target goes berserk for one round 0-25% drops prone an lies still (denied DEX bonus and -4 AC) 26-50% full attacks self 51-75% attacks nearest ally, 76-100% drops all items held and begins removes one most valuable worn item (dropping it, too); if this is impossible it stares blankly; either way, it forgoes its DEX bonus.

Circlet of Fol
+4 WIS, +4 concentration, automatically silently alerts wearer if a creature of a certain pre-chosen subtype comes within 30 ft

Fol, the Crusader
wickedly angular +2 adamant bane mace. once every 1d4+1 rounds can fire a red lightning bolt as the lightning bolt spell

Bracers of Quickstrike
may make one extra attack as part of a full attack using a light or natural weapon.

Rune Sword
one-handed martial weapon
This long sword has a round pommel etched with glyphs of a lost language, and its stout triangular blade flashes with fresh runes boasting arcane power.
This +2 long sword can be charged with arcane spells. Up to 4 spell levels can be stored like this, in any combination, but at most 4 spells; these spells must have a casting time of a standard action or less. Anyone can activate the spells in the Rune Sword by brandishing the blade and speaking the command word as a standard action.
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