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Mysterious Guardian Archetype [Sentai]
« on: September 17, 2012, 10:44:48 AM »
Mysterious Guardian Archetype

Though they work in teams, some Sentai wish to defend their allies above and beyond aiding them with attacking foes. These warriors are known as Mysterious Guardians.

A Mysterious Guardian Sentai has the following features.

Hit Die: A Mysterious Guardian is sturdier than normal Sentai, allowing him to take a few more hits for his teammates. His hit die is increased to a d12.

Maneuvers: The Mysterious Guardian Sentai loses access to the White Raven discipline. He gains access to the Scarlet Bravura discipline.

Heroic Guardian (Ex): The first line of defense for his teammates, a Mysterious Guardian often redirects damaging blows from his comrades to himself. At 2nd level, once per encounter, he may redirect one harmful targeted ability (an attack, spell, or other ability which targets a creature) from an ally within 5 feet to himself. At 5th level and every five levels thereafter, he gains an additional use of this ability each encounter.

This ability replaces Team Player.

Swift Takedown (Ex): The best defense is a good offense, and taking down a foe quickly can save the Mysterious Guardian  the hassle of having to redirect their attacks. At 8th level, he may make a special attack to knock an opponent out, rendering them harmless for a few minutes.  In order to make an attack, he must spend two consecutive rounds studying his target, losing his move action for each round. He may then, as a standard action, make an attack with a melee or ranged weapon which deals normal damage, and forces the target to make a Fortitude save (DC 10+1/2 Sentai level+the higher of the Sentai's Wis or Cha mods) or be knocked unconscious for a number of minutes equal to the Mysterious Guardian's Wisdom modifier. If the target makes the save, they take nonlethal damage equal to half of their hit points. This ability only works on creatures not immune to nonlethal damage.

This ability replaces Double Team.

Righteous Guardian (Ex): Nothing gets a Mysterious Guardian's blood boiling like attacking a defenseless person. At 14th level, if he is targeting a creature that has 0 or fewer hit points, is denied its Dex bonus to AC, or unable to take actions with his Heroic Guardian ability, he gains a +3 Morale bonus to all saving throws against any effects he redirects to himself, and halves all damage dealt to him by those effects. The Morale bonus increases by 1 at 16th level and every four levels thereafter.

This ability replaces The Power of Teamwork.

Impossible Guardian (Ex/Su): The sheer determination of the Mysterious Guardian to defend his team knows no bounds. He no longer fails saving throws on a natural one, though if his result does not meet the DC he still fails the save. This part of the ability is Extraordinary. Furthermore, he may designate up to his Wisdom modifier in allies as protectorates each day. As long as the protectorates are within close range of the Mysterious Guardian, they are treated as though they were the target of a shield other spell cast by him, with the resistance bonus to saves being increased to equal the Mysterious Guardian's Charisma modifier, instead of being a flat +1. If they leave close range, but then return to it, they regain the benefits of this when they reenter the area. This part of the ability is Supernatural, and is lost if the Mysterious Guardian loses his Sentai powers for some reason.

This ability replaces True Allies of Justice.
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Re: Mysterious Guardian Archetype [Sentai]
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Mysterious Guardian exclusive abilities

Ardent Defender [Suit]
Prerequisites: Rebuttal of Justice, Sentai level 13
Benefit: Whilst most sentai focus their might to defeat the forces of evil, unleashing the power of justice as a weapon, the guardian calls upon this power as a shield, to ensure he does not fall or falter in his duty. Three times per day, as a free action, the Sentai may activate Ardent Defender. While this is active, the sentai's movement speed is reduced by 1/2, and the sentai is no longer able to charge or run (this effect any mount he gained from class levels that he is riding as well). The Sentai cannot be moved by any outside force, and any damage dealt to him is not applied until ardent defender ends. In addition, the Sentai gains a bonus to all attack and damage rolls equal to 1/5th the delayed damage.
Ardent defender lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Sentai's Wisdom modifier. Once Ardent defender ends, the sentai is fatigued. If he was already fatigued, he is instead exhausted.

At 15th level, and every 5 levels thereafter, the sentai gains an additional daily use of this ability.

Lofty Challenge [Self]
Requirements: Heroic Guardian, Sentai level 7
Benefit: The Guardian is capable of goading a foe into focusing their rage and attention upon themselves, invoking the supernatural powers of the sentai to draw a threat from their allies. As a standard action a number of times per encounter equal to his Wisdom modifier, the Sentai may taunt a single foe within close range (25 feet+5 feet/2 levels). The target must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 sentai level + Cha mod) or be forced to target the sentai with all attacks and other offensive abilities they make or use for a number of rounds equal to the Sentai's charisma modifier. Each round, the target is entitled to a new will save at the same DC to resist the effect. This is a supernatural, mind-affecting ability.

Rebuttal of Justice [Suit]
Prerequisites: Heroic Guardian, Sentai level 9
Benefit: The Guardian assumes a stance ready to defend his allies not with his body but with his blade, daring any foe fooling enough to try and slip past his guard and strike at his ward. As a move action, the mysterious guardian may set himself into a defensive posture for one round. While using this, any attacks directed against an ally in an adjacent square provoke an attack of opportunity from the Sentai. As part of an attack of opportunity provoked by this ability, the sentai may take a five-foot step, provided he has not moved nor taken one previously in the round.

Unshakable Challenge [Self]
Requirements: Lofty Challenge, Sentai level 13
Benefit: The Guardian is a mighty defender, willing to put his body and life on the line for his allies, and possessed of a steely determination to bring the entirety of the forces of evil upon himself. Once per encounter as a full round action, the sentai may use Lofty Challenge to target all enemies in range.
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