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Magician Archetype [Sentai]
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Magician Archetype

Not all Sentai focus on the fine art of melee combat. Some have more aptitude with the mystical arts, and eschew the maneuvers that they would learn normally for something more suitable to their talents- the art of spellshaping.

A Magician Sentai has the following features.

Skills: A Magician Sentai does not gain Martial Lore as a class skill. Instead, he gains Concentration, Spellcraft, and Knowledge (Arcana) as class skills.

Formulae: A first level Sentai has knowledge of two arcane formulae. Sentai have access to two circles of their choice, selected at first level. Sentai learn additional formulae as they gain levels

Once a Sentai knows a formula, he must prepare it before he can use it. A formula used by a Sentai is considered a spell-like ability unless otherwise noted in its description. Unlike most other spell-like abilities, arcane formulae are subject to arcane spell failure chance. The save DC for a formula that allows a save is 10 + formula level + the Sentai's Charisma modifier.

A Sentai learns additional formulae at higher levels, as shown on the below table. To learn or shape a formula, a Sentai must have a Charisma score equal to at least 10 + the formula's level, as well as meeting the formula's prerequisite. At 4th level and every two levels thereafter, he may trade a formula known for another of which he meets the prerequisites. The formula that he gains does not have to be the same level, or even of the same circle, as the replaced formula.

A Sentai can prepare both of the formulae he knows at first level, but as he advances in level and learns more formulae, he must choose which formulae to prepare. A Sentai prepares his formulae by meditating for 5 minutes.  The formulae he chooses remain prepared until he decides to meditate again and change them.  A sentai does not need to sleep or rest for any long period of time to prepare his formulae; any time he spends 5 minutes in meditation and exercise, he can change his prepared formulae.

A Sentai begins an encounter with all of his prepared formulae unexpended, regardless of how many times he might have already used them since preparing them. When a Sentai shapes a formula, it is expended for the current encounter, so each of his prepared formulae can be used once per encounter (unless you recover them, as described below).

A Sentai can recover expended formulae by using a move action to quickly meditate. Doing this does not provoke attacks of opportunity.  If he completes his meditation, a Sentai recovers all of his expended formulae, with the exception of any that he shaped in the current round.  If the Sentai had not shaped any formulae in the current round, he instead recovers all of expended formulae with the exception of any that he shaped in the previous round.

In addition, once per encounter, a Sentai can change his prepared formulae as a swift action. If a Sentai changes his prepared formulae in this way, he also recovers his expended formulae, as though he had prepared them in the usual way.

This ability replaces Maneuvers and Stances.

Spellshape Attacks (Sp): The first abilities a Sentai learns as a magician are his spellshape attacks.  At first level, he learns the spellshape attacks associated with the circles to which he has access.

Spellshape Strike (Su): At second level, a Sentai has learned how to channel his spellshapes into his attacks with his specialized weapon. Once per round as a free action, during his turn, he may channel one of the two spellshape attacks gained from his Sentai levels into a manufactured weapon or his unarmed strike. Until the end of his turn, all attacks with the weapon or unarmed strike are treated as though they were that spellshape attack for shaping formulae, and deal bonus dice of damage equal to half of the amount that would be dealt by the spellshape attack, minimum 1 die of damage. For instance, a 6th level Sentai specialized in the longsword channels his Fireblast spellshape attack into the longsword he gained from Henshin. The longsword deals normal damage, plus 1d6 points of fire damage from the spellshape attack, and may be used to shape any Searing Flame formulae that he might wish to use.

A Sentai is immune to the effects of any formulae shaped in this manner. If a Sentai uses this ability, he may not gain the effects of Strike of Justice in the same round.

Though this ability is Supernatural, it is retained if the Sentai loses his powers in some manner, as it is his own skill with spellshaping, not his suit, providing this.

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