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Legends of the Heroes / Re: Shattered Isles
« Last post by phaedrusxy on Today at 09:35:19 AM »
All kinds of stuff happened since I last posted for this game, then we abandoned this campaign for over a year but we're picking it up again. My memory is unfortunately not great... I was reusing plot elements from an amazing intrigue-based game that I'd played in online in a PbP on mythweavers. So my memories from that game and the one I recycled for my kids are kind of mashed together... lol.

I know they were investigating the death of a teenage girl that mysteriously appeared to have fallen off of or out of a the keep of a prominent family in the city. It was her home, and it turned out that she wasn't so nice. She and a couple other kids had bullied another girl in the past, and that girl had basically taken off on her supervillain arc and came back to murder them. She was a Tome Assassin NPC I made up. The PCs wound up confronting her at some point, I think, but she escaped and murdered another of the three kids. They were trying to protect the third and then that plot somehow led them down another one. (This is where my memory is really murky...).
I know the real plot is that a deepspawn outside the city is replacing prominent members of society with its clones. I think they stumbled onto this because one of the guards who was watching over the prominent third target of the assassin just happened to have been replaced, and the Mind Pirate PC stole his memories and learned of the plot. They didn't learn the exact nature of what is happening, only that he and the others involved are slavishly serving something they call "the mother". His memories of the mother were very vague and spotty and involved a very dark cavern, tentacles, pain and death. They did learn that this involves many prominent figures in the city being controlled/replaced (I can't remember if they know which).

They learned of a "party barge" for the elite that was about to leave the city that is piloted by a Captain Talon Zane. He's an NPC that had showed up earlier in the campaign, but had died. The current PCs did not witness his death, but had heard the rumors (one of them knew him). When he shows up again, they are confused and confront him but he brushes it off with some quip like "The rumors of my death are obviously greatly exaggerated". He says his current route takes him near the location they seek, and offers to take them. In reality, he is a deepspawn clone, and is taking all the party goers to the deepspawn to be eaten and replaced. :D That's where we left off. They had just set sail. We're planning to resume tonight with a couple of new PCs who will likely just be "party goers" on the barge (or hired guards, etc).
Min/Max 3.x / Re: Full spell list
« Last post by zook1shoe on Yesterday at 10:11:41 PM »
fixed for next time
Uncle Kittie's Unnecessary Revisions / Re: Bard and Wizard Subclasses
« Last post by bhu on Yesterday at 06:46:39 PM »
THE LEAGUE   Wizard Subclass)
Otiluke may be most famous as a Wizard, but he was also a master of bowling, and champion of the All Wizards Bowling League (which he insisted his students join).  Many of them questioned his reasoning that studying the sport of bowling made one a better Wizard.  At least they did until they were advanced enough to learn the Leagues secret techniques.  Techniques a jealous Otiluke was said to have created to challenge a mere barbarian!  Okay, so grated the Barbarian's stepdad was an Elemental who taught his kid magic, but still...

At 2nd Level, whenever you successfully deal Force damage with a spell (including your Bowling Sphere listed below), the target must also make a Strength Saving Throw against your Spell Save DC or be knocked Prone.

At 6th Level, whenever you successfully deal Force damage with a spell (including your Bowling Sphere listed below), you may move the target 5 feet in any direction.

At 10th Level, when you cast Resilient Sphere it has additional effects you can access.  Firstly, it and the enclosed creature hover a foot or so above the ground.  Secondly, you can move the sphere up to 30 feet in any direction once pr round as a Bonus Action.  Thirdly, if you move it into a creatures space, make a spell attack roll.  If it succeeds both the enclosed creature, and the target creature take 1d6 Force damage, plus another 1d6 Bludgeoning damage per 10 feet the sphere traveled this turn.

At 14th Level, you may cast Resilient Sphere twice per day without using a Spell Slot or Material Component.
Uncle Kittie's Hopefully Humorous Guide to Abominations / Re: General Weirdness
« Last post by bhu on Yesterday at 05:19:59 PM »
Poisonflame  nother request
                      Large Outsider (Chaos, Evil, Extraplanar, Tanar'ri)
Hit Dice:             10d8+60 (105 hp)
Initiative:           +3
Speed:                50 ft. (10 squares), Burrow 30 ft.
Armor Class:          23 (-1 Size, +3 Dex, +11 Natural), touch 12, flat-footed 20
Base Attack/Grapple:  +10/+20
Attack:               Claw +15 melee (1d8+6)
Full Attack:          2 Claws +15 melee (1d8+6) and 1 Bite +15 melee (4d4+4 plus 2d6 fire)
Space/Reach:          10 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks:      Breath Weapon, Fiery Bite, Summon
Special Qualities:    DR 10/Good, Darkvision 60 ft., Immune to  electricity and poison, Energy Resistance 10 (acid, cold, fire), Telepathy 100 ft., SR 22
Saves:                Fort +13, Ref +10, Will +9
Abilities:            Str 22, Dex 17, Con 22, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 18
Skills:               Climb +19, Concentration +19, Hide +16, Intimidate +17, Jump +19, Listen +23, Move Silently +16, Search +15, Spellcraft +15, Spot +23
Feats:                Cleave, Improved Multiattack, Multiattack, Power Attack
Environment:          A  chaotic evil-aligned plane
Organization:         Solitary
Challenge Rating:    11
Treasure:             Standard
Alignment:            Always Chaotic Evil
Advancement:          11-15 HD (Large); 16-30 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment:     ---
Min/Max 3.x / Re: Full spell list
« Last post by Arz on Yesterday at 03:38:27 PM »
Yajinden’s Soul Switch has no level.
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by bhu on May 17, 2024, 07:12:08 PM »
Where are we meeting? Still in town, or on the outskirts?

When you say the crowd begins to thin, do you mean the townsfolk watching on, or the ghouls as they leave?

How far is this reflection from Elizabeth? Is she standing near the ally? Is there anyone else around near her?

The square you've been meeting in.

The ghouls are beginning to thin out.

The alley is across the way from you, you think the person (if that's what it is), is about 60 feet or more away.

There are several men surrounding you, and several of the Haxan between you and the alley.
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by RobbyPants on May 15, 2024, 08:05:31 AM »
Where are we meeting? Still in town, or on the outskirts?

When you say the crowd begins to thin, do you mean the townsfolk watching on, or the ghouls as they leave?

How far is this reflection from Elizabeth? Is she standing near the ally? Is there anyone else around near her?
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by bhu on May 14, 2024, 07:01:55 PM »
You see hundreds of ghouls (maybe more than hundreds), the Haxan you aren't sure.  There's a few dozen women, some of which look normal, some of which manifestly do NOT.  For the first hour all is well.  When the crowd begins to thin you notice a glint of light reflecting off something metal in an alleyway.
Uncle Kittie's Hopefully Humorous Guide to Abominations / Re: Jesters Realm Critters
« Last post by bhu on May 12, 2024, 04:27:40 PM »

Quote of Some Kind by a member of the r   ace!

 A general description of whatever the race is!

·   +2 Con, +2 Dex, +4 Int, +4 Wis, +8 Cha
·   Size Class: Medium
·   Type: Outsider with the Native and Shapechanger Subtypes, giving them 60 ft. Darkvision
·   Base land speed 30 ft.
·   Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): 1/day: Charm Person, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Demand, Hold Person, Mass Suggestion, Persistent Image, Shadow Landscape, Sleep, Suggestion.  Caster Level 12th.
·   Detect Life (Su): You effectively have Blindsight 500', but only to detect living beings.
·   False Beauty (Su): An Allura can assume the shape of any medium sized female humanoid. This works like Alter Self as cast by an 12th level Sorcerer, but the Allura can remain in the chosen form as long as it has fed upon a persons emotions in the last 4 months. It can assume a new form or return to its own as a standard action. Once lost the Allura cannot regain her False Beauty until she has fed.  So long as your False Beauty is up you can control what Alignment is revealed by spells cast on you such as Detect Evil or True Seeing.
·   Emotional Vampirism (Su): Allura feed on the emotions created by tension, excitement, and fear. They do not require food or water, and subsist purely on these emotions.  They may go without emotional feeding a similar number of days that other beings can go without water.  Any living creature within 60 feet that fails a Saving Throw against one of the Allura's Spell-Like Abilities (or any spell or effect that causes negative emotions) must succeed on a Willpower save or immediately take 1 point of Strength damage, 1 point of Constitution damage, and 1 point of Intelligence damage (Save DC is Charisma based). A failed save also 'feeds' the Allura for 3 days.
·   +3 Natural AC Bonus
·   An Allura has 6 Racial Hit Dice, giving it the following: 6d8 Hit Points, +6 Base Attack Bonus, +5 Fort Save, +5 Ref Save, +5 Will Save, and (8 + Int modifier) skill points per level (with times 4 skill points for the first level).  Class skills are Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Hide, Knowledge (Arcana, History, Wildspace), Listen, Move Silently, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Spot, and Wildspace Survival. It also gets 3 Feats.
·   Allura have a +4 Racial Bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, and Sense Motive Checks.
·   Automatic Languages: Pandas speak Furry and Common.  Bonus Languages: Any nearby species.
·   Level Adjustment: +5
·   Favored Class: Beguiler

 Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer:
 Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger:
 Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard:

 Middle Age:
 Maximum Age:
 If there are any aging effects that differ from norm list them here.

 Base Height: Male:  Female:
 Height Modifier:
 Base Weight: Male:    Female:
 Weight Modifier:

 Quick generalization of what this race is good for as far as characters go..
 Adventuring Race: Why members of this class go on adventures.
 Character Development: Give suggestions for making a character with this race.
 Character Names: Give examples of names by gender or other arrangement.

 Quick generalization about playing a member of this race.
 Personality: Give general stereotype of the personality of a member of this race and some roleplaying applications.
 Behaviors: Typical behaviors for a member of this race..
 Language:Notes on this races language..

 Description of this races society, culture, and civilization.
 Alignment : What alignment is common to members of this race and why.
 Lands : Where do they normally live.
 Settlements : Where do they normally live when not in their homelands.
 Beliefs :Typical religious beliefs.
 Relations: How do they relate to other races.

Give at least three examples of an adventure for or involving a member of this race
Uncle Kittie's Hopefully Humorous Guide to Abominations / Re: Jesters Realm Critters
« Last post by bhu on May 12, 2024, 04:26:22 PM »

"Behold the turtle.  He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.  What kind of bigoted nonsense is that?  Get off my lawn."

 The Turtle Folk are adorable little turtle people about 3 feet tall.  AT least the Dragons of the Jester's Realm think so, as they have quickly adopted them as wards.

·   +2 Str, -2 Dex
·   Size Class: Small.  +1 Size Bonus to Armor Class and Attack Rolls. +4 Size Bonus to Hide Checks. -4 Size Penalty to Bull Rush, Grapple, Overrun, and Trip Checks. Lifting and Carrying Limits are half those of a Medium character.
·   Type: Monstrous Humanoid, giving them 60 ft. Darkvision
·   Base Land speed 20 ft.
·   Base Swim speed 20 ft.
·   Hold Breath (Ex): The Turtle can Hold it's breath for (8 times Constitution Modifier) rounds before it risks drowning or suffocation.
·   Shell (Ex): Your shell provides a +6 Natural Armor Bonus.  They may wear normal armor over it, but that armor is one and a half times the normal weight and cost.
·   Scent (Ex)
·   Turtles have a Primary Claw Attack doing 1d3 plus their Strength Modifier.  They get 2 Claws with a Full attack.
·   Turtles receive a +8 Racial Bonus to Swim Checks, and may always Take 10 on a Swim Check.  They may use the Run Action while swimming in a straight line.
·    Turtles automatically speak Scaly, and Draconic.  Bonus languages include Feathery, Furry, Common, and nearby races.
·   Level Adjustment: +0
·   Favored Class: Dragon Shaman

 Adulthood: 40
 Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer: +3d6
 Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger: +5d6
 Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard: +7d6

 Middle Age: 125
 Old: 188
 Venerable: 250
 Maximum Age: +2d% years

 Base Height: Male: 3'  Female: 2'10"
 Height Modifier: +2d4"
 Base Weight: Male: 120 lbs.   Female: 85 lbs.
 Weight Modifier: x(2d4) lbs.

 You aren't speedy, but you are tough.  If you can't get faster, make sure you get tougher.
 Adventuring Race: Turtles usually go on adventures at the behest of their draconic masters, or out of dire need.
 Character Development: You have a fairly poor dex, so load up o the armor if you can find magical armor that won't slow you any more than you already are.
 Character Names: Male: Franklin, Graham, Hudson, Jeremy, Milo, Preston, Royce, Wesley.  Female: Addison, Audrey, Edith, Hazel, Katie, Meadow, Piper, Willow.  Surnames: Allen, Baldridge, Barleycorn, Dunphy, Harman, Jessop, Upton, Wotherspoon.

 You were quickly adopted by Dragons upon entering the Jesters Realm, and they were very grateful for it.  In the old world, they were persecuted rather badly due to being slow and easy to chase. 
 Personality: Just because you're slow, people also tend to think you're slow witted.  And you do your best to just let them keep thinking that.  They'll never see you coming...
 Behaviors: Behavior varies quite a lot depending on who your benefactor is.
 Language:  Turtles speak Draconic and Scaly, and many learn Common as well.

 Turtles usually build individualistic cities near the lairs of their Draconic benefactors.
 Alignment : Most of the Turtle Folk are some variation of Neutral.  Their society is heavily influenced by Dragons, so the non-Neutral component of their Alignment varies with their Dragon Lord.
 Lands : Turtles live virtually everywhere.
 Settlements : Outcast Turtle Folk will settle somewhere they can hide, ow that they no longer have a Dracconic patron.
 Beliefs : Chkrr and Puddytat are popular Gods.
 Relations: Turtle Folk are fairly live and let live, but if you hate Dragons, you have an enemy in them as well.

·   His Lordship has been offended by the local Monkey Folk.  He has requested, and we quote, that you go "show those little (beeps) what for)."
·   Her Ladyship requests that you find a small treasure to be a wedding gift for her daughter.  When you reply you don't know of any local hordes not guarded by Dragons, she suggests you rob some Adventurers.
·   There is a Dragon Slayer in the forest.  He's very adamant about killing something, and you don't have the heart to tell him the local Dragons moved on after their divorce.  Also, he is crazy. 


 Level 19: Replace Draconic Wings with Draconic Armor.
  Draconic Armor::  At 19th Level you gain DR 10/-.

 Level 10 and 20: WHen choosing a Bonus Feat at these Levels, you can choose a Species Feat instead.


You were trained to dig into the hideouts of opponents during the war.
 Prerequisites: Ferret or Turtle, Str 15+
 Benefits: You gain a Burrow speed of 10 feet.

Draconic Knowledge
You were trained to fight enemy dragons.
 Prerequisites: Dark Knowledge Class Feature
 Benefits: You may use your Dark Knowledge against Dragons.

Extend Aura
Your range increases.
 Prerequisites: Draconic Aura class ability, Level 12
 Benefits: The range of your Draconic Aura increases to 60 feet.

Hard Shelled
You can be tough.
 Prerequisites: Turtle, Con 15+
 Benefits: Your Natural Armor Bonus to AC increases to +8.

Improved Touch of Vitality
You excel at healing.
 Prerequisites: Touch of Vitality class feature
 Benefits:  This Feat may be taken multiple times.  Each time you take it the number of hit points you may heal per day increases by 10 points.

Persistent Aura
You powers do not require conscious thought.
 Prerequisites: Draconic Aura class feature, Level 6
 Benefits: Your Aura works even if you are unconscious.

Titan Wrassler
You wrassle anything, no matter how big.
 Prerequisites: Platypi or Turtle, Clever Wrestling
 Benefits: Your Clever Wrestling Feat no longer has Small or Medium Size as a Prerequisite.  Also your Bonus applies to all Grapple Checks, not just the escape attempts.

Turtle Up
You have a mystic shield.
 Prerequisites: Turtle, Cha 13+
 Benefits: You can cast Shield 1/day as a Spell-Like Ability.

Water Wrasslin'
You are well trained at fighting underwater.
 Prerequisites: Platypi or Turtle, Improved Unarmed Strike
 Benefits: You don't take melee attack penalties when fighting underwater, and can Hold your breath for (12 times Con Modifier rounds) before you risk drowning.
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