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[3.5] Spellcrafter
« on: September 18, 2021, 03:30:29 PM »

A Fireball? Booooring. Have you tried doing it this way?
-Tixx, Spellcrafter

Abilities: Any one mental attribute (See Variable Casting)
Starting Gold: As Wizard
Starting Age: As Wizard.

Class Skills
The Class Name's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are....Spellcraft, obviously. More to come later.
Skill Points at 1st Level: (2 + int)x4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2 + int

Hit Dice: d4

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: None.

Variable Spellcasting: A spellcrafter can choose which mental attribute applies to his spells per day and spellcraft checks. This choice can be changed at any new Spellcrafter level.

Spellcraft Reservoir: A Spellcrafter gains a reservoir of Spellcraft Points equal to double his ranks in Spellcraft. Like the Artificer, the Spellcrafter's Reservoir is refilled at each level, and any unused points are lost.

Spells: Spells per day as a Sorcerer, No spells known at level 1.

Spellcrafting: While a Spellcrafter has no personal spell list at level 1, it does have the ability to cast all forms of magic with enough preparation. By spending a number of spellcraft points equal to triple the spell's level and material components equal to 100g per level of the spell, a Spellcrafter can attempt to permanently add a spell from any class to his spell list. Success requires a Spellcraft check equal to 10+(2*Spell Level).
^The spellcraft check here isn't really a limiting factor, as just keeping a decent casting stat and maxed spellcraft ranks covers it. A properly built spellcrafter carries negligible risk of failure, so this skill check serves as the class's encouragement to keep Spellcraft maxed at all levels, and possibly invest in a minor spellcraft item.

Spontaneous Spellcrafting: As a Swift action, the Spellcrafter can improvise a spell, effectively learning the spell for 1 round per Spellcrafter level with a successful Spellcraft check equal to 15+(2*Spell Level). The spells created by this ability are fragile and subject to the following limitations:
• These spells are always at the minimum caster level required to cast spells of their level.
• The effects of the spell end as soon as the spell is forgotten. Objects created by the spell crumble to dust/dissipate/etc.
• Dispel checks and counterspell checks vs these spells have a +5 bonus.

Spell Modification: By tinkering with his spells, a Spellcrafter can apply the effects of metamagic feats to a spell permanently. This effectively creates an entirely new spell known. This ability costs 5 Spellcraft Points per level of the metamagic being applied, but does not modify the level of the spell or the casting time. (The base spell is copied, the Metamagic effects are applied, and the resulting spell is added to the Spellcrafter's spells known as a new spell of the same level)

Spontaneous Spell Modification: Starting at Level X, the Spellcrafter gains the ability to modify specific variables of his spells. At each level that this ability is gained, choose one metamagic feat from the list below. That metamagic feat can be applied spontaneously to any known spell as a swift action, increasing the casting time as normal for metamagic, but not increasing the spell level. This ability requires a spellcraft check equal to 10+(5*Metamagic Level). Failure consumes the spell slot and action itself is wasted with no spell being cast.
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Since it uses Sorcerer casting, it's slightly delayed. I thought this was appropriate due to the eclectic style of learning and potential power spike when learning new (sometimes underleveled) spells from alternative class lists (Trapsmith Haste >.>)
The total spell levels a sorcerer gets is 153. The Spellcrafter gets 180, but will likely use more than 30 points on other class abilities. This could potentially give you a sorcerer with more spells known and a better spell list than a traditional sorcerer...Needs work.
These abilities aren't assigned to levels yet due to balance concerns

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