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Talents- Warrior
« on: November 06, 2012, 04:49:13 PM »
Posting what I've got for the Warrior's talents so far. I've decided to go with an overall 10 trees- 5 style, 5 tradition.

The styles will be Power, Finesse, Sniper, Ambidexterity, and Guardian. The traditions will be Berserker (Rage), Armsman (Warblade, basically, focusing on maneuvers or improved use of one weapon), Skirmisher (Exactly what it sounds like), Knight (Armor, maybe mounted combat), and a last one I don't have an idea for.

Naturally, some will work well with each other. Armsman+Finesse, for example.

Power Tree

Focused on dishing out damage and knocking the target for a loop, the Power tree appeals most to those who just want to get in there and beat their opponents into the ground. You can only deliver one condition from the Two-Handed tree per attack- you could use Impressive Strike on one creature, and Punishing Blow on another, but not both on the same creature.

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Finesse Tree
The central aspect of this tree is skill at arms- any yahoo can swing a sword, but it takes skill to aim for precise strikes.

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