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Discussion on Vancian Magic - Chapter 3
« on: January 18, 2018, 12:17:01 PM »
First part can be found here.
Previous part is here.

Creating a spell; rules.
Steps in designing any spell

The assumption, right now, is that the caster has access to a limited number of keys, along with few basic keys which are accessible to every caster from the start.

  • Pick target type:
    Determines the maximum distance a target (as chosen above) be, to be cast upon.

    Objectany inanimate matterSurfacepoint of origin located on feature from the surroundings.
    spreading using that surface as vector.
    Voida location in space from which the spell emanates regardless of obstacles.?
    Creaturean independent entity such as the living,
    automatons, golems, constructs, animals, etc'.
    Selfcaster himself0
    Naturala willing creature1
    Hostilean unwilling creature, enemy2

  • Pick casting range:
    Determines the maximum distance a target (as chosen above) be, to be cast upon.

    Sight~having open line of sight4

  • Pick spell's duration:
    The span in which an effect will be active.

    Instantaneousapplying effect when the casting concludes?
    Focusenables the caster to keep an effect in action while he concentrate on the spell?
    Shortapply for a short while after the casting and concentrating thereafter concludesabove+num'ofroundsafter

  • Pick occurring effect:
    Can be chosen multiple times.

    The effects available to chose from sometimes depends on the type of target.

    • (Mend/Repair) Restore AEGIS hit points to target material.
    • (Damage) Deduct AEGIS hit points of target material.
    • (Animate) Animate AEGIS of target material.
    • (deceive/illusion/phantasm/pattern) Create an illusionary image from nothing or change appearence of existing~~~~__mimics other KEYs~
    • (Supress)->(Dispel) Disable AEGIS of ongoing spell effect.* __does this belongs to all?__
    • (Harden) Grant target material DR up to AEGIS.

    • (Heal) Restore AEGIS hit points to target creature.
    • (Harm) Deduct AEGIS hit points of target creature.
    • (Regenerate) Improve condition on hp-wounds scale.
    • (Injure) Worsen condition on hp-wounds scale.
    • (Weaken) Worsen condition on strength-weakness scale.
    • (Bind) Worsen condition on dexterity-paralyze scale.
    • (Exhaust) Worsen condition on constitution-exhaustion scale.
    • (Confuse) Worsen condition on intelligence-confusion scale.
    • (Frighten) Worsen condition on wisdom-panick scale.
    • (Compel/Charm) Worsen condition on charisma-charm scale.
    • (Haste) Grants target additional actions.
    • (Slow) Withhold actions from target.
    • (Contact) Communicate with target.
    • (Know) Target creature understand chosen subject*
    • (Sense)->(Detect) Reveal up to AEGIS of a certain topic.*
    • (Figment/Glamour) target creature percieve a false sensation. __not sure if part of confuse or not __mimics other keys?
    • (Morph) Enhance creature's abilities up to AEGIS.

    • (Ward) Absorb AEGIS of hp damage directed at target
    • (Summon)(Conjure) Summon AEGIS.
    • (Banish)(Remove) Unsummon target up to AEGIS.
    • (Jaunt/Shift) Teleport target. AEGIS. 10ft' per level(?)
    • (Conceal) Hide features of target.
    • (Force) Push, Pull or hit (or float?) with AEGIS of magical force*
    • (Anchor) protects from teleporting~?~~~
    • (Flight)


    • (Fire) catches on fire. 1d4 dmg per round.
    • (ice) coat with ice.

    AEGIS = Appropriate amount for given spell level.
    * = Scope seems to be too general. Three options: leave it as is; force caster to choose specifics when memorizing/learning spell or KEY; break effect to multiple seperate KEYs.

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Re: Discussion on Vancian Magic - Chapter 3
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2018, 12:38:17 PM »
So, as you can clearly see, this is not complete. There's quit a bit more to do.
But it is something. A big portion of the help came from these threads posted here. So thank you very much. And thank you for future help.
Tell me what you see that I don't.

In regards to the mechanic itself:
I imagine it so - you go over the 4 steps - deciding the target, casting range, duration and effects. Sometimes the order of pickings matters. Sometimes it doesn't.
Each picking has a score. You add them all up. That's the spell level. It is the base for calculation things such as spell DC.
If the spell score is too high, the caster can reduce it by having a very long casting time. Turning it to an out of combat Ritual of sorts.

I know that some of the effects are missing. I wasn't sure about them. But I think I got the bulk.
I, also, am not sure about spelling and such. I want it written down in the clearest, shortest and easiest most possible option. So, remarks for that are welcome as well.

You can also see that there is a term AEGIS. This because it was easier noting options in one step and balancing them afterwords rather then doing so all at once.

I would especially like to thank the thread about seedcasting and it's compilers. It greatly encouraged me when I was stuck with this list.

Constructive comments are more than welcome.

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Re: Discussion on Vancian Magic - Chapter 3
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2018, 11:22:26 PM »
You don't have to make a new thread just become something reaches 4 pages, and you can also edit your 1st post to contain recent highlights and links to other important posts if you like.
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Re: Discussion on Vancian Magic - Chapter 3
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2018, 03:32:18 PM »
I did it mainly because of the alert that the thread is very old and I shouldn't revive it unless i was reeeeeeealy sure. So, basically, I didn't want to ignore any instructions.
Also, I reckon it deserves it's own thread as it is a different title.

As for the subject at hand: I'm unsure as to energy types. If each key is the smallest denominator per se - then what is an energy Key? Is it damage? I already have harm Key. Is it a condition? Not every fire spell inflicts burning.
Energy usually contain thunder(sonic), acid, poison, lightning, ice, fire, radiant and necrotic.
Does these encompass everything? Are these the Primary colours which enable a user to create all?